Pain: The Causes and Consequences

Pain: The Causes and Consequences

Pain, something that is too common in society today. There are those will do their absolute best to help you and there are those who wouldn't care if you were in pain, whether physical or emotional. All people ever asked for is help about their suffering and should be given a proper voice.
There are two types of pain in from general terms in one perspective: physical and emotional and I'll go through each of them in one of the many points of views people have.
Physical Pain
Those who are in pain from a single bruise to a terminal illness such as cancer. Those who have the minor scars can heal over time unlike those who have something that can stop them living out their full potential. Those with a terminal illness are the severe case since they are in constant pain from their treatments which in turn such as those who suffer from any form of cancer to some rare condition, some commit euthanasia in order for them not to feel pain anymore. I personally don't support euthanasia even though it's legalized in some countries but, it depends on your beliefs if you think it is right or not. Going back, there are specific light-hearted cases who practically do not give a care in the world and there are some cases in which, it left some people with a mental impact, mostly negative which leads me to my next topic: mental pain.
This kind of pain can be divided into subcategories: emotional and psychological pain. They may have different effects on the human brain such as mental disorders but there are also multiple causes: financial problems, family, personal relationships and many other external or internal factors and this kind of pain can lead to something, one of which is depression. Yes, this can affect all of us since no one is immune to this and it can be hidden anywhere. For example, the optimistic person you know who is very friendly just committed suicide the next day because his girlfriend cheated on him long-term. It was something that can affect people and those who do have depression sometimes tend to have suicidal tendencies. This kind of pain is everlasting and the person needs to be given constant attention and love. Many people are suffering from this pain and we don't even know if it exists within them. Where I am from depression is a form of exaggeration and suicide was thought to be an attention-getter by the people, but that is not the truth.
There are silent victims who will not stand up for themselves and would rather suffer alone. The pain will affect everyone if you did this simple action. If you are a person in this kind of pain, talk to any of your loved ones, someone who you trust or even a stranger who is willing to listen. Hopefully, your decision will change your mind on suicide. Someday you will thank them for comforting you even if they were just a stranger. Please reach out to those in need.

Suicide hotline for India: +91 33 2474 4704
+91 33 2474 5886
Phone number: India Suicide Hotlines (n.d.) retrieved from


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